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Welcome to How To Prevent Divorce & Save Your Marriage. This is a website dedicated to saving your marriage, preventing divorce, and making sure that the love between you and your spouse never fades away.

Couple that saved their marriageAs you already know, building and maintaining a strong foundation for a loving marriage isn’t easy. It takes commitment, courage, and resilience to maintain a marriage that will stand the test of time. Every single marriage goes through their ups and downs. And when things are in their “down” stage — when all you can do is scream, argue, and belittle your partner — it’s easy to lose sight of what your marriage actually means to each of you.

This is why I’ve created this website. I made this website to guide spouses in need. To guide the husbands and wives whose spouses have said that they wanted out and get a divorce. I’ve studied relationship counselling at the University of New York and I’ve helped thousands of couples salvage their broken marriages.

Below, you’ll find several articles that may pertain to your situation. Take your time to read through these important articles; you never know which one will help you start saving your marriage today.

Table of Contents of How To Prevent Divorce

1.) How to Save Your Marriage – Should You Get a Divorce? – In this article, I go over some of the most important marriage saving advice. If you’re interested in saving your marriage and building a brand new, vibrant relationship, then start here.

2.) How to Argue Better With Your Spouse – The second article you need to read is all about preventing arguments. It will also teach you techniques to prevent the escalation of arguments with your spouse.

3.) How to Improve Sex In A Marriage – In a long marriage, your sex life can take a big hit, but it’s important to make sure that your sex life isn’t non-existent. Here are some tips to revive that sex life.

4.) How to Deal With Money In A Marriage – Money can be such a sticking point in a marriage. Does she spend too much? Does he? How much money should you save? In this article, I’ll teach you exactly how to resolve these money problems.

5.) How to Deal With Privacy In A Marriage – How much of your relationship should be out in the open?

6.) How to Inject Humor Into Your Marriage – A lack of humor = boredom. An easy way to make your marriage fun again is to inject some humor into the mix. Here’s how to do it.

7.) How to Survive Infertility In A Marriage – Infertility can cause marriages to fall apart. Here’s how to get through it.

8.) How to Split Chores With Your Spouse – When one spouse feels like they’re doing most of the work, it can lead to problems. Here’s how you can manage something as simple as splitting your chores so the neither spouse feels overworked.

9.) 5 Reasons Empty Nesters Have More Fun – No kids? No problem. Here are 5 reasons why couples that have no kids have so much more fun.